Who Are We?

The Perth Homeless Support Group is a registered charity and support network that believes that everyone can make a difference to a person’s day.


See The Need and act in a way that will make a difference without prejudice.



We take a hands on approach to meet the homeless and those in the risk of being homeless where they live be it on the streets in the parks, in their cars or other environments that are not what we would consider a home.
We believe in the pursuit of honesty, ethical practice, trustworthiness and accountability in all interactions with those we meet on our city walks and do so by assisting with care packs, blankets, sleeping bags when they are available, and through referrals to other organizations that also assist with the homeless and other services.



The Perth Homeless Support Group (PHSG) was started by Ron Reid in 2014 during the January summer heatwave. Seeing that free water was accessible to homeless in Perth, but that is came out warm, he had the idea of giving people reusable water bottles and a water card so that they were able to access the cold water accessible from the ProAqua fountains. He then started a group on Facebook to share this idea and see if there were others who would like to do the same. Within 2 weeks, the group reached over 800 members, and now boasts almost 7500 members. The PHSG has now expanded and encourages members to give food and personal grooming items. The group can be found here.


We have seen too many people needing help in our beautiful city and feel that this group can make a difference.┬áThere many organisations in Perth doing the best they can with limited resources to cloth, feed and support the homeless. We do our best to combine resources and meet the needs of those who have come upon hard times by collecting items to create care packages, pooling and distributing donations, and going on street walks to directly help the homeless people of Perth. We are not a big organisation, but we started with a small idea and we continue to make a difference – and you can, too.

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